Problems implementing the Done-For-You Websites

I have a PLR pack which includes the Done-for-You WordPress site setup. 

I’m having problems with this implementation.  Can you help me? 

We find that most of the problems people have implementing the membership sites are missing certain steps.  Please review the installation guide and video included with the download file.  If you are still having problems it may be related to one or more of the following issues.  These problems are related to the hosting service provider implementation of WordPress.

==> Additional security plugins are implemented. 

==>  .htaccess file is locked

==>  blog folder in the Wordpress installation folder

You can submit a request to our support desk for assistance.  In many cases we can resolve the problem in a short period of time. However, when hosting providers add on applications and additional security processes, then we are not in a position to re-engineer their WordPress implementation.  There are other options for hosting services and we have not had any issues implementing these websites hosted by  Hostgator,, or Bluehost. 

Thank You

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